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 Abra HR and Payroll                                                                                  

U.S. & Canada Support


Sage Abra HRMS v8.1 supports both U.S. and Canadian HR, Attendance, and Training modules. Upon installation, you can choose the version of the software appropriate for your company, including U.S., Canada, or both. Sage Abra HRMS v8.1 even allows you to track both U.S. and Canadian employees under the same employer. U.S./Canada features include:



U.S.-only Installation

Canada-only Installation

U.S./Canada Installation


Tracks SSN (Social Security Number) only

Tracks SIN (Social Insurance Number) only

Tracks both SSN and SIN


Displays state and ZIP code

Displays province and postal code

Select state/zip or province/postal code.


   EEO reporting, including EEO-1 & EEO-4

   I-9 Verification

   Vets 100 reporting

   OSHA reporting and incident records

 EE (Employment Equity) reporting, including EE audit reports

 OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) reporting and incident records

 Workers’ Compensation Detail page for WSIB Form 7 (Ontario)

 Includes both EEO and EE reporting

 1-9 Citizenship Verification and Vets 100 reports will display if U.S. is employer country

 Includes both OSHA and OHS reporting

 Workers’ Compensation Detail page for WSIB Form 7 (Ontario)

Leave of Absence

Tracks FMLA leave, whether seniority can be continued during the leave, and if the employee has elected COBRA coverage

Tracks whether the employees’ benefits can be continued during leave of absence

FMLA and COBRA information will only display when U.S. is the employer country.

Selecting if the employees’ benefits should be continued will be available when Canada is the employer country.

  Additional Enhancements 

Job Codes

The job code detail pages now includes expanded information fields so that you can better define, describe, and report on your company’s job codes. The new definition tab tracks job family, EEO/EE job group and class, salary grade, whether the job has supervisor status, and whether the job is exempt or overtime eligible. The job code salary tab tracks the minimum, midpoint, and maximum salary for each job. 

Additionally, you can now enhance job codes with job description information. The description tab includes text boxes that allow you to fill in job summary and job requirement information. This feature also works hand-in-hand with the new Abra eRecruiter to auto-populate requisition information.  

Attendance plans

Abra Attendance includes new fields that allow you more flexibility in defining employee seniority for attendance purposes. Calculate balances from original hire date, last hire date, adjusted seniority date, and vacation service date, and base your calculations on dates that include the current date, end of the previous month, and anniversary. 

Vacation Service date

You have more options for tracking vacation time with new fields in Abra HR, including Vacation Service Date, that allow you to track vacation time accrued based on a date other than date of hire.  

Step Rates

Abra HR can now track step rates for organizations such as municipalities, universities, and union-based industries that utilize steps. A step is the salary grade level attained by the employee. You can run the Mass Update Pay Step Rate process to automatically calculate the step using the employee’s job service and salary grade information.

New Job Fields

See more information on your employees at a glance on the current job detail screen. New fields include: 

         Pay equity job group: This field is used to group jobs together for comparison purposes.

         Direct/indirect: This field indicates if the employee is direct or indirect. Direct employees typically allocate their time to projects; indirect employees do not allocate.

         Overtime eligibility: This field indicates whether the position is overtime eligible or non-eligible.

         EEO and EEOG information: For U.S. organizations, track EEO-1 or EEO-4 job classifications, as well as EEO-4 job function. For Canadian organizations, track Employment Equity Occupation Group code and description for grouping employees for Employment Equity Reporting.

         Secondary jobs: Track information on secondary jobs, including whether employees are direct or indirect and the currency type (U.S. or Canada).  

PIPEDA Documents Act

For Canadian companies, Sage Abra tracks PIPEDA (Personal Information Privacy and Documents Act) consent information, including whether or not consent was received, date, and type of consent. Personal information requested and maintained relating to human resources or management functions meets the requirement for legitimate business purposes as specified in the Act. Therefore, personal information will be shown in Abra HR, Abra Attendance, and reports, even when the “Consent Received” radio button is set to ‘No’. Users can customize reports and data themselves based on the response given.  

New Reports

Expand your benefits reporting capabilities with several new reports for the U.S., including beneficiary list, dependents list, and pay equity reports, as well as new skills and education reports. New Canadian reports include a benefit letter, employee benefit changes, and insurance coverage detail. Additionally, other reports have been modified to suit the needs of U.S. and Canada installations. The full list of new and updated reports includes: 

New Compensation Reports

         Currency Type Report (for U.S. andCanada installations)

         Salary Changes Report

         Step Rates Report 

Employee & Organization Reports

         New Hire Log Report – now displays terminology based on product (SSN/SIN, EEO fields, EE fields)

         Union report now displays Currency Type 

New Leave Reports

         Employees Currently on LOA

         LOA History

New Pay Equity Reports

         Job Groups by Gender

         Jobs by Gender 

Skills and Education Reports

         Education Report


         Membership List

         Previous Experience

         Skills Report

Product Compatibility


Sage Abra 500 HRMS v8.1 is compatible with the following environments:

Server Operating System

         Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, SP1 or later

         Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, SP1 or later

         Windows 2000 Server, Standard Edition Service Pack 4 (SP4)  or later

         Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Edition Service Pack 4 (SP4) or later 


         SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) - or -

         SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition Service Pack 3a (SP3a) or later - or -

SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition




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