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Sometimes it pays to think big!

Large companies know that leasing can be a smart way to acquire equipment. They understand that ownership doesn't always make sense and that interest rates are just part of the picture. Now, small businesses in the U.S. can think big, too. Consider the many benefits of leasing.

There's more to it than interest rates
When comparing financing options, look at the whole picture. Lease financing can cost less than a conventional loan. Be sure to consider all the factors:

  • Cash outlay requirements

  • Flexibility

  • Obsolescence and upgrade requirements

  • Reinvestment options

  • Growth opportunities

Fast and easy financing

  • Professional Experts — We have smart, straightforward solutions. We'll work with you so that you can make the right financing choice for your business.

  • Quick Approvals — Submit our simple one page application for up to $100,000 and get an answer in less than an hour. For larger amounts, include additional financial statements and get a response in one or two business days.

  • Simple Paperwork — We can finalize paperwork for immediate turnaround. We also support equipment acquisitions from multiple vendors on the same agreement.

  • Same Day Financing — Equipment financing in as little as 24 hours.

  • Lease Line of Credit — If you're not ready to acquire equipment now, we have a lease line of credit to ensure that financing is there when you need it. Knowing that you already have financing in place can give you the leverage you need to negotiate the best equipment solution.


 Why Lease?

Leasing can help your business:

Conserve Cash
Poor cash flow is one of the primary reasons businesses fail. Paying cash for equipment, or even making large down payments, can deplete your reserves. Leasing helps you hang on to your cash, because it provides:

  • No down payments

  • 100% financing, including "soft" costs like shipping, installation and training

  • No application fees

  • Affordable, flexible monthly payments

Never Be Obsolete
Technology changes fast. Don't get tied down with equipment whose time has come and gone. Leasing gives you the agility to adapt to changes painlessly.

  • Match lease terms to expected useful life of the equipment
  • Maximize productivity by using the latest equipment
  • Flexible options let you replace or upgrade equipment

Enjoy Tax Advantages
There are two ways leasing can help you manage your tax liability. As always, Key encourages you to consult your tax advisor.

  • With some leases, payments are fully tax deductible
  • Other leases offer the tax benefits of ownership (depreciation and interest expense deductions)

Greater Flexibility
Many different leasing options let you design a financing plan around the needs of your business, whether your priority is:

  • Guaranteed ownership
  • The flexibility to return the equipment
  • Specified purchase options
  • Varying monthly payments to match seasonal cash flow





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