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MAS 500 Manufacturing Software   


Sage designed MAS 500 Manufacturing from the ground-up using cutting-edge Microsoft technology including Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, Windows NT, SQL Server, and more. MAS 500 Manufacturing is one of the only Native SQL Server manufacturing systems available today.

MAS 500 Manufacturing was developed using Sage Software's MAS 500 Visual Tools to provide an absolutely seamless interface with MAS 500 Financials Accounting and Distribution software. Familiar MAS 500 features such as the Navigator, Drill Down and Drill Around, MAS 500 Office, and others are employed in MAS 500 Manufacturing, as well as integrated Multimedia and Bar-coding capabilities.

MAS 500 Manufacturing includes Work Orders, Routings, Bill of Materials, Job Costing, Labor Reporting, Shop Floor Control, Net Requirements Planning, Shipments Tracking, Bar Coding, and much more.

MAS 500 Manufacturing represents the next generation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in both functionality and technology. Use of the right technology provides MAS 500 Manufacturing users with a system that is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, easy to support and easy to customize.

Microsoft Industry Standard Tools

MAS 500 Manufacturing was developed using Microsoft technology and development tools. Microsoft can not only be relied upon to devote resources to the continual improvement and support of these tools, but use of industry-standard tools means that users can locate programming resources more easily and can achieve better integration with other windows applications.

COM and OLE Automation

These Microsoft standards enable full integration of multiple processes. COM (Component Object Model) allows computing functions to be broken down into reusable segments of program code defined as objects. This method of writing applications results in shorter development cycles and increased reliability. OLE Automation establishes a standard, shared interface between programs, providing simple "plug and play" integration between program objects.

Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database

Microsoft SQL Server gives the user the power of a relational database, conferring benefits such as security, data integrity and high-performance. By using the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard, Microsoft SQL Server ensures that you can choose from a wide variety of reporting and analysis tools to access your data.

Visual Basic Programming Language

MAS 500 Manufacturing was written using Visual Basic. Therefore any qualified Visual basic programmer can perform custom modifications to the software. Modifications may range from customized forms and screens to custom-built applications.


MAS 500 Manufacturing includes a complete suite of manufacturing applications designed to manage production from raw materials through finished goods. These modules include:

  • Work Orders
  • Routings Bill of Materials
  • Job Costing
  • Labor Reporting
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Estimating Shipments
  • Tracking Integrated Bar Coding
  • and more


MAS 500 Manufacturing is seamlessly integrated with Sage Software's MAS 500 accounting and distribution product. MAS 500 is a three-time winner of the Microsoft Industry Solutions Award for Ease of Integration. MAS 500 includes:

  • System Manager
  • Common Information
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Multicurrency Manager
  • Cash Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Advanced Allocations
  • Advanced Consolidations
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • Human Resource Management
  • E-commerce
  • Integrated Products

Dozens of products are integrated with MAS 500 and MAS 500 Manufacturing. These include warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), point-of-purchase, OLAP, executive notifications, shipping manifest, and other products.

Customer Profiles:

Molded Materials selects MAS 500 Manufacturing manufacturing software

Concord, OH, October 03, 2000 –

Molded Materials, Inc., headquartered in Plymouth, MI, recently purchased MAS 500 Manufacturing manufacturing software to manage the production and maintenance of their molds, tools, and injection molded products.

Molded Materials is a leading provider of molds and injection molded components for material handling products such as conveyors and trays. Their customers are involved in various industries including automotive and railroad products manufacturing.

"Our software was the perfect fit for Molded Materials because they needed a complete enterprise solution that could handle specialized plastic industry requirements," said Sage Solutions Director of Marketing James Mallory.

Florida-based Jojak selects MAS 500 Manufacturing software to manage the Company's jewelry manufacturing operation.

Business Wire July 26, 2000

Jojak, Inc., headquartered in Cooper City, FL, recently selected MAS 500 Manufacturing manufacturing software from Sage to manage their jewelry manufacturing operations. Jojak manufacturers various types of jewelry for sale through the retail marketplace worldwide.

"MAS 500 Manufacturing was selected for Jojak because the software had all of the elements that Jojak needed for their manufacturing operations," said James Mallory, spokesperson for Sage. "Further, Jojak realized the strength behind the core accounting and distribution applications from Sage Software.

Jojak is also implementing an integrated EDI system from eBridge (www.edi-bridge.com)." Jojak purchased MAS 500 Manufacturing through Atlanta, GA-based Cereus Technology Partners (www.cereus.com), an authorized MAS 500 Manufacturing dealer serving the southeastern United States.

Customer Comment:

"I would like to complement you and your employees for the outstanding response and help provided to Valley Roller Company over the past 18 months. Sage has responded immediately to our needs and concerns. Valley Roller Company appreciates this service and has had occasion to highly recommend Sage Software as a quality supplier of computer support services. I look forward to our continued relationship and the excellent service Sage has provided."

-Patrick T. Frank, Administrative V.P. Valley Roller Company


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