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        SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 Single User+                                                                         


Sage Software SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 is the number one mid-range accounting software, and is recommended by more CPAs than any other accounting application. But with more than 22 modules and hundreds of add-on applications, some business owners and managers find that this is more software than their smaller operation requires.

That's why we've made available this special version of SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90  to suit the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 provides the same ease of use and intuitive workflow that has made standard SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 so popular with Sage customers, but provides conveniently bundled modules that make it easy and cost effective for small businesses to get started.


The Sage Group plc is the world's leading supplier of business management and accounting software.

Each working day 1,500 people worldwide become new Sage customers.

By investing in SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90, growth-minded companies will not only gain a powerful, stable accounting solution, but they will also enjoy an easy expansion and migration path that makes good business sense. As your company grows, SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90will grow with it. You can easily upgrade your system to full-fledged SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90, or you might choose MAS 200, our powerful client/server edition. All versions of the software provide the same look and feel, virtually eliminating the learning curve that is often present when changing software products. Your important SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 data, including all your historical detail, will also function seamlessly with MAS 90 or MAS 200.

Sage Software SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 is sold in cost-efficient, single-user or two-user bundles. You can purchase the core accounting modules, which include: Library Master, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger (with FRx Desktop) and Bank Reconciliation. Or, if you have a large inventory and need to track this important asset, add the distribution bundle which includes Inventory Management, Sales Order and Purchase Order. Whichever solution you choose, MAS 90 Small Business is sure to give you the accounting power and growth capabilities you need to achieve your business goals.

SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 Family Overview

SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 is 64 bit compatible accounting, distribution and light manufacturing software used and recommended by more accountants than any other software.

SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 Features

Here are just a few reasons why so many companies run their businesses on SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90:

  • Extensive core feature sets in each module, expandable with user-defined fields, automated data import and export, and hundreds of third party add-ons available from master developers.

  • Industrial strength reporting: Three built-in report writers, including the industry standard Crystal Reports , deliver information in the format you need. You can also access SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 data via ODBC with the reporting tool of your choice.

  • Adaptability: With e-commerce solutions, SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 continues to prove its adaptability to new technologies, helping to assure you of a solution that will keep you competitive as your business and your industry evolve.

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SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 customers typical sales volume usually falls between 1 to 3million.


Software, implementation, training and follow-up technical help for SAGE 100 ERP Standard /MAS 90 usually falls between $3,000 to $10,000.




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