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        SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90                                                                        


Sage Software's SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90, you have unparalleled flexibility to tailor your accounting system to match your internal workflow and business processes. SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 offers more than 22 modules and literally hundreds of industry-specific add-ons that can keep your most critical business processes running smoothly, even as your company grows.

And you can customize SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 to meet your specific needs. Three built-in reporting tools allow you to quickly and easily extract, analyze and present your financial information with a professional look. SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 also seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office suite of office productivity tools, giving you the power to effectively generate personalized communications to customers and vendors. Setting the industry standard for ease of implementation and use, SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 makes it easy to perform your daily operations, and its Windows interface makes navigation intuitive and fast.

Sage Software has been enhancing and expanding SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 for more than a decade. Today's SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 is 64 Bit compliant, adaptable to new technologies and used by more businesses than any other product in its range.

If you're looking for a proven solution that can help your company make the most of your business software solution, increase productivity and help you increase your profits well into the new millennium, SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 may be the perfect fit.

The SAGE Group plc is the world's leading supplier of business management and accounting software.

Each working day 1,500 people worldwide become new Sage Software customers.


Tailoring your accounting solution can maximize your productivity and lower your costs. SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 is a modular solution (with more than 22 available modules), so you can purchase the level of functionality you need now, and extend your system later to meet your growing needs.

SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90's flexibility extends beyond the modules we provide. The Visual Integrator module is designed to make integrating MAS 90 with other applications seamless. By using the Open Database Connectivity standard, Visual Integrator simplifies transmission of data to and from a custom or vertical software package by allowing you to import or export directly to or from any ODBC-compliant source while complying with business logic to maintain data integrity.

MAS 90 also offers specialized solutions for industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services. And our unique, nationwide Master Developer network has created thousands of off-the-shelf products to enhance MAS 90 with additional industry-specific functionality.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or have as many as 200 accounting system users, we have a SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 solution for you. With scalability like this, you can continue to use SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90, even if your organization experiences rapid growth.

SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 Family Overview

SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 is 64-bit compatible accounting, distribution and light manufacturing software used and recommended by more accountants than any other software.

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SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 Features

Here are just a few reasons why so many companies run their businesses on MAS 90:

  • Extensive core feature sets in each module, expandable with user-defined fields, automated data import and export, and hundreds of third party add-ons available from master developers.

  • Platform flexibility: MAS 90 is available for Windows 2003 ,Windows 2007, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • Client/server version: Sage 100 ERP Advanced client/server uses the latest thin-client architecture to deliver high-speed performance across the Internet.

  • Industrial strength reporting: Three built-in report writers, including the industry standard Crystal Reports , deliver information in the format you need. You can also access SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 data via ODBC with the reporting tool of your choice.

  • Adaptability: With e-commerce solutions and Microsoft SQL Server versions, Sage 100 ERP Standard, Sage 100 ERP Advance, and Sage 100 Premium continues to prove its adaptability to new technologies, helping to assure you of a solution that will keep you competitive as your business and your industry evolve. .

  • E-Commerce

MAS 90 / MAS 200 Installation Profiles

SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 customers typical sales volume usually falls between 1 to 50 million.


Software, implementation, training and follow-up technical help for SAGE 100 ERP Standard / MAS 90 usually falls between $3,000 to $30,000.




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