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        SalesLogix Customer Relationship Management                                                                       


SalesLogix is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that drives sales performance in small to mid-sized businesses through Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support automation and integration to accounting and business management applications.

Advanced customization capabilities enable SalesLogix to work in concert with your unique sales and customer interaction processes, and to accommodate growth and changing business requirements. 

Through robust functionality, ease of use, and ease of customization, SalesLogix provides your small to mid-sized business an affordable CRM solution with low cost of ownership, rapid time to productivity, and high return on investment.

With more than 6,000 companies using SalesLogix worldwide, SalesLogix is the CRM leader for small to mid-sized businesses.

SalesLogix provides greater ease-of-use and flexibility, with solutions designed to increase efficiency and drive sales performance in your organization.  New functionality and enhancements appear across the entire product suite.

















                    NEW Customer Service (for Windows and Web)

Ticket Management

  • Resolve customer questions, issues and requests quickly for high quality customer experience

  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource

  • Track ticket ID, contact info, type, status, urgency, assignment and date needed

  • Create new service tickets from Account, Contact and other locations

  • Schedule phone calls, meetings or to-dos to follow up on open issues

  • Send e-mail with attachments and record correspondences and activity history

  • Submit issue descriptions and resolutions for archival in the knowledge base

  • Create ticket groups, lookups, and reports

  • Track ownership and individual time spent on customer issues

  • Receive automatic notifications when service conditions or deadlines are triggered

  • Configure user workflow options, or grant ability to modify at user level



                    NEW SpeedSearch

  • Utilize enhanced SpeedSearch to quickly locate resolutions to customer issues

  • Scan search results efficiently with advanced filtering, scoring, sorting, and preview capabilities

  • Populate resolutions automatically into service ticket with one click

  • Archive successful resolutions in the knowledge base for future reference

  • Add content to knowledge base with optional approval process

  • Reference prior tickets, attachments, standard problems and resolutions, procedures, library           

  • documents, or reference materials such as online manuals, FAQs or white papers

  • With Advanced SpeedSearch, perform an advanced keyword search of any SalesLogix table or

  • shared network directory


                    Service Contract Management

  •  Track contract details including service level, price and time or incidents remaining

  •  Validate authorizations for specific services and log issues against a contract

  •  “Punch-in” and “Punch-out” to track time spent on individual issues


                    NEW Web Customer Portal

  • Provide customers with self-service Web site

  • Record and follow-up on customer incidents

  • Search for answers to questions

                    Enhanced Opportunity Management

Updated User Interface for Windows and Web

  • Redesigned for increased usability and sales person productivity

  • Create and manage new opportunities quickly and efficiently

  • Add products, update status, and close opportunities with ease

  • View new “Opportunity Snapshot” for quick summary of important opportunity details

  • E-mail key opportunity data to managers with one click

  • Update multiple opportunities with a single click

  • Generate sales proposals automatically that include opportunity product and pricing table


                    Lead Management

A Lead is a potential sales opportunity that is captured via a marketing campaign, trade show or other lead source. It contains basic contact information which is used to qualify that the prospective customer is valid, does not already exist as a Lead or customer, and is ready to convert to a sales Opportunity.

Marketing has been designed to assists those employees that are tasked to qualify Leads, so that they can realize the highest levels of productivity without sacrificing the quality of converted Leads. It has been designed to help prevent data input from being sloppy or incomplete, and only requires the Lead qualification user to enter the basic, essential information.

Leads are vital to all companies as they represent all potential future customers.  However, a substantial number of Leads never become customers.  Keeping the Leads separate from Accounts and Contacts is critical to keeping the database “clean” and easier to manage.

Leads in SalesLogix are imported into a simple “holding area” where the raw data is added to SalesLogix without compromising the quality of existing contact and account data.  Once the data is verified and qualified, the Lead can be converted to, or merged with a Contact and Account.

New to v7, you can Mail Merge to Leads with history and attachments added to the Lead.  All information is moved to the Contact with the conversion process.




Marketing addresses the primary purpose for capturing Leads, which is to determine if they are valid, are interested in purchasing, and merit attention from sales. In other words, it helps to answer the question: “Is it worth turning this lead into a sales opportunity?”  Marketing supports this process by providing a check-list of questions that a lead must pass and allowing the lead processor to convert those Leads that do pass.

This process is fairly simple and is called qualification.

Marketing assists employees that are tasked with qualifying Leads by allowing them to answer simple questions as they are researching a lead through phone calls, email, or any other method. This list of questions is minimal so that lead processors can process the volume of Leads that is expected of them. In addition, different ‘checklists’ can be created for different product lines or services. Up to eight questions can be defined for each checklist. Leads can be qualified by answering questions like:

  • Is this a real person with real info?

  • What is the business need?

  • Is budget available?

  • In what timeframe do they wish to purchase?

  • Who is the decision maker?

SalesLogix Marketing does not require the lead processor to capture detailed information about the lead. More detailed information can and should be captured once the lead has been qualified and converted to an account/contact and opportunity.

Marketing users convert Leads to an account/contact by clicking on the Convert Qualified Lead button. The Convert Prospect window allows users to see existing Accounts, Contacts or Leads that are potential duplicates, and confirm whether or not the lead really is a duplicate. If a contact already exists for that lead, the lead can be merged with that contact. If only the account exists, the contact can be added to the account.

Once a lead has been qualified and converted to an account and contact, the lead is then purged from the system. Leads that do not meet the criteriaa defined by the checklist can be deleted, which also purges them from the System.

                    Enhanced Opportunity Entry

  • Add all new opportunity data in a single view with configurable default values

  • Input description, estimated close, status, source, close probability, and products

  • Associate multiple contacts and competitors and select sales process

  • Add multiple products or product packages quickly and input discount and quantity

  • Set opportunity defaults at Admin or user level to streamline input and ensure accuracy

  • including, status, type, probability, and sales process

                    NEW Opportunity Statistics

  •  View opportunity totals and key metrics for quick analysis of sales pipeline

  •  Export opportunity information to Excel or launch new opportunity reports instantly

                   NEW Sales Process Engine

  • Utilize a new, flexible sales process engine to drive opportunities to close

  • Define stages and steps and associate corresponding close percentages

  • Configure and launch process activities such as meetings, literature requests,

  • e-mails, proposals or custom forms with one click 

  • Click checkboxes to record completion of the activity and advance the sale

                   NEW Multi-Currency Support

  • Designate a system-wide base currency and manage multiple alternate currencies

  • Lock currency rates if opportunities require

  • Generate proposals reflecting native customer currency

                    NEW Global date/time support for Activities & Calendaring

  •  Automatically convert all dates and times to users’ local time

  •        Shorter planning cycles

  •        Seamless integration with all enterprise data

  •        Automatic incorporation of key nonfinancial data

  •        Robust analysis feature


                    .Net Customization

Customize and extend Sage CRM SalesLogix SalesLogix using .NET capabilities and tools
Develop in Visual Studio.NET and add as native plugins in SalesLogix Architect
.NET Forms can be used on main view, dialogs, or tabs


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